A word about our services:  Dear Departures is not a funeral home, nor do we hold ourselves out to the community as if we were. 

We are alternative providers, and that means that we are first and foremost advocates, liaisons, consultants, and educators. 

Colorado state law does not require you to engage the services of a funeral home in any capacity, should you decide not to.  We are registered with the state of Colorado as an alternative provider and as such, we have access to the electronic death record system to assist families in completing death certificates.  We have established relationships with trusted providers in the area.  Should you choose to forego using a funeral home, we can connect you with transport through First Call Colorado and cremation services through North Metro Crematory (family owned and operated).  However, you are welcome to seek these services through any provider of your choosing. 

Dear Departures can be your “one stop shop” so-to-speak, or, we can work alongside other providers in any ways that you would like, within our scope of work.  Please contact us with any questions.


Home Funeral Guidance

Also known as family directed funerals, we can educate and guide you through the logistics of holding a home funeral.  There is a wealth of free knowledge available on the National Home Funeral Alliance’s website, as well as other places on the internet that offer the basics of body-care, cooling of the body, shrouding, and more. 

For those that do not wish to go-it-alone, we offer guidance and planning around how to make a home funeral happen safely, legally, and logistically. 

You will receive up to three hours of guidance for $150.00.  We’re here to teach you how to navigate this process.

Whether you want a one day, or several day home funeral, we will guide you in how to manage it, and empower you to trust that you can.   

Additional support available for an additional charge.    


Tawnya is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant specializing in funerals, living-funerals, memorials, and celebrations-of-life.  She will collaborate with you to craft a unique ceremony tailored to the dearly departed (or departing) and who they are/were in life.  Celebrant ceremonies are not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter ceremonies. 

They are thoughtful, personalized honorings. 

Celebrants take time, and care, to get the big picture, and tell a story.  Want reverence?  Want humor?  Want spunk?  Want class?  We can make that happen in the location of your choice!   

Starting at $450.00   

***Tawnya is a 2019 graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute***

End-of-Life Care & Planning

 As a death doula, Tawnya has offerings of caregiving, end-of-life, vigil, and after-death-care planning, as well as respite for caregivers, legacy projects, meaning making, and more.  Like birth doulas, death doulas offer holistic, non-medical, emotional, and practical support as a supplement to hospice. 

Starting at $70.00/hr.  $1400.00 packages available.  See us for more information. 

 ***Tawnya is a graduate of the 2018 Sacred Passage Doula program at the Conscious Dying Institute***     


Legacy Projects

Not interested in full doula services? 

Just want someone to work with on a legacy project? 

Legacy projects are one of our favorite offerings!

And, you don’t have to be dying to create a legacy project! 

Want to leave behind a special scrapbook?  A video? A book of stories?  Let’s talk!

Starting at $150.00 

Event Coordination

 Above and beyond our Celebrant offering (which includes crafting and presentation of a scripted ceremony) we can coordinate with the venue and vendors of your choosing (like caterers, florists, a cemetery, etc.)  

Starting at $500.00

 *Venue, food, flowers, cemetery plots, etc. are all additional charges to be paid directly to those providers. 

Tribute Slide Shows

Nowadays, it is easy for tech-savvy friends and family to assist with putting together a memorial slideshow, and it can be a good way for loved ones to help out, and feel useful. 

However, for those that do not wish to take that on, we do offer assembly of slideshows.

We suggest around a 4-5 minute video consisting of 60 or so photos.

Starting at $200.00 per 4 minutes of video.

Remembrance Booklets / Memorial Programs

As with slideshows, if you have a tech-savvy friend or family member that would like to craft a memorial program and have them printed, that’s lovely!

If you would like us take that on for you, we would be happy to.

We can include photos, poems, prayers, etc.   

Prices based on number of pages and quantity printed. 

Pet Funeral Ceremonies

Our pets are family. 

We can help put together a meaningful send-off for your furry, scaly, feathered or other non-human family members. 

Oftentimes, we are left longing for something more after the death of a beloved pet. 

Ceremony and ritual are important when saying goodbye to them, too. 

Starting at $150.00


We work with North Metro Crematory, which is family owned and operated, for those that wish to purchase cremation services without having to go through a funeral home to do so.

Cost of cremation is $1195.00 and includes one transport within thirty miles, a minimum rigid container**, a minimum urn for return of remains, and filing of the death certificate, with one certified copy.  

Witness cremations are available for an additional charge.

**Minimum container is a cardboard casket that can be obtained before cremation, for use during a home funeral.  Some people like to sign and decorate the cardboard casket, and there is no need for an expensive or fancy casket to be purchased. 

Example #1- $1795.00

Three-day home funeral guidance + Celebrant crafting of personalized ceremony + cremation

Example #2 – $1945.00

Direct cremation (no viewing) + celebration-of-life Celebrant ceremony + slideshow + 100 booklets

Example #3 – $1250.00

Stand alone legacy project + home funeral + graveside Celebrant service (burial plot, grave opening, closing and casket/vault requirements extra.)

Example #4 – $3845.00

Doula package + home funeral (discussed during doula services so no additional charge) + living funeral Celebrant services + event coordination + slideshow + booklets + cremation.

A word about pricing: sliding scale/ability-to-pay options may be available.  Please contact us for more information.

Cremation costs range substantially in the state of Colorado and may be priced anywhere from $700.00 to $3500.00 depending on the crematory.  Please note that many (but not all) funeral establishments offering low-cost cremation use the low cost as a way to get people in the door, only to practice high-pressure sales of goods and services to make up for it. 

If you opt for a low-cost cremation (typically provided by a high-volume & industrial facility) please be firmly grounded in what, if any, other service you do and don’t want, so as not to be swept up in high-pressure sales during a vulnerable time.

Additionally, you are within your rights to ask to see/tour the cremation facility you are considering using if you are interested in how they run their crematory.  If a funeral home says this is not an option, and it makes you uncomfortable, consider calling around to other establishments.  Witness cremations are an option at the establishment we partner with.