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Home Funeral Guides

“Nowadays we’re persuaded that it’s the presence of the body, not it’s absence that is most distressing, but in my experience…people are far more likely to regret not having seen the body than they are to wish they hadn’t.” -Kate Braestrup, in Grief to a Five-year-old.

Home Funeral Guides educate and empower.

Learn how to care for, honor, and grieve your loved one in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No embalming required. 

Home funerals are legal, affordable, safe, and eco-friendly.  They are a reclamation in trusting that we can care for our own dearly departed, with tenderness, reverence, and love.

Life-Cycle Celebrants ® Specializing in Funerals

Life-Cycle Celebrants are unique officiants in that they are specially trained to craft personalized funeral, memorial, celebration-of-life, and living funeral ceremonies.

They are storytellers, that ensure services are an authentic testament to who a person truly was, through intimate and thorough information gathering from the dying, and/or their loved ones (or just loved ones, after a death.)

Many funeral services are of the “cookie-cutter” insert-name-here variety.  Life-Cycle Celebrants go above and beyond to tell the departing (or departed’s) story with candor.

Death Doulas

Death/End-of-Life Doulas provide holistic support to the dying, and their circle, as a supplement to hospice. 

Offerings include caregiving, respite, advocacy, legacy projects, vigil planning, grief support, and more. 

This emotional, physical and spiritual support can be offered in-home and/or in a hospice setting.

“How we die, and how we care for dying people and how we carry the dead: Taken all together, this work makes our village life or breaks it.” -Stephen Jenkinson, Die Wise